There are many ways you can build incoming links to your website.

A few of the most effective link building strategies are blogger outreach and niche edits.

These two link building methods help your website keyword rank positions and increase your website’s traffic.

Backlinks, also known as external or inbound links play a critical role in how search engines like Google calculate the authority of a website.

Search engines focus on the number, quality and relevancy of a website’s external links to determine its value and place on the SERPs.

We will take a look at what blogger outreach and niche edits are, how they work and their main differences to see what’s best for your website.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

One of the most powerful link building techniques for building relevancy is blogger outreach.

The process involves reaching out to bloggers, journalists or reputable websites to ask if they would agree to publish your content.

If they accept, typically a quote or some type of content is sent to the site owner.

The reason why blogger outreach is powerful is that not only can it help with a website’s rank position, it can also help get you website traffic.

An entire post about your products and services on a blog with a huge reader base can quickly build brand awareness.

High authority bloggers with the right audience to influence can really help generate leads and increase conversions.

Although this is a promising tactic and can boost your SEO, it will not give you instant results.

What Are Niche Edits?

One of the easiest ways to gain quality backlinks for your website is through niche edits.

In simple terms, it is about reaching out to other websites and asking to place a link on existing content.

It is quick because you will only be asking for a place to add in a few lines that include your link, and most webmasters prefer adding a link to their own content rather than accepting a new post.

This technique is highly effective and efficient because links are added to older posts with historic value.

Search engines care about quality content, and if you place a link into a piece that is already indexed and ranking well, Google will reward your website better.

In general, the more authority a website has, the more link juice they tend to pass.

What should I pick?

Blogger outreach and niche edits are incredibly useful techniques that can be used to get quality backlinks.

Both methods can get you the quality links that you require, but blogger outreach is also an effective way to target an audience.

But finding relevant bloggers who can influence their audience can be a complicated and time-consuming process.

Furthermore, it takes longer than niche edits and requires a lot more effort.

Things are far more simple with niche edits because it doesn’t involve writing new content, which can save you a lot of time.

More importantly, you can get immediate results because your link is added in aged content that has been indexed and is ranking well.

So which one should you use? There isn’t a right or a wrong answer, but you should always choose your strategy based on business objectives and goals.

While the two methods can get you what you want, they both work at different speeds and in different ways.