Creating a report on your client’s keyword rankings and visibility is easy.

It is also a great way to let your clients know exactly what they are paying for.

But pulling and gathering data from SEO tools and presenting them as they are isn’t always the most helpful way to showcase your SEO achievements. 

If you want them to continue doing business with you, then you must reassure them that you are making progress by showing the results in a simple and digestible format.

You can build a quarterly report that summarises how well each keyword is doing in SERPs.

We’ve created a simple downloadable template which you can use as an example to send clients their rank report.

Download Our Free Quarterly Rank Report Template

Why Sending A Report Is Important

Regardless of how well you are doing and what you have achieved, If clients can’t understand or appreciate your efforts, they might either pause or completely stop their marketing.

So showing the overall progress by comparing keyword ranks is an effective way to let them see that your services are benefiting them.

A rank report allows your clients to see their most valuable keywords and lets you measure your success.

It also helps you understand what’s working and what isn’t, so you know what to improve.

Creating An Effective Report

There are many SEO tools available for tracking keywords that let you measure rankings.

Our favourite tool to use is Pro Rank Tracker. 

It lets you easily view keywords and rankings across all Google sites, internationally, mobile and desktop, organic, GMB listings and other search elements.

It also supports other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, as well as Youtube and Amazon.

Here are the top 4 main types of report:

  • Overview Reports – The most detailed and customisable report that allows you to view current rankings and get rank summaries of the groups and tags you are tracking.
  • Progress Reports – View the current keyword rankings and see the progress over a span of days, weeks or months.
  • Comparison Reports – Track different URLs and compare rankings on different search engines by looking at metrics such as location, device and more. 
  • Benchmark Reports – Easily compare rankings of a single URL between two dates, weeks or months.

rank report

All reports are downloadable as a PDF, CSV or XLSX file or can be emailed and shared via Dropbox or Google Drive through the system.

Pro Rank Tracker also allows you to schedule an overview report.

You can automate the keyword rank report for clients who are more curious and want to be more involved.

Include A Detailed Summary

As important and helpful as a rank report might be, grabbing your client’s attention and proving that they benefit from your services is crucial.

So, it’s best to include a few lines or a small paragraph to highlight and compare the results to the previous months to remind them why they are investing in your SEO services.

As well as letting them know what has been achieved you should write about what your plan is for the following month and what could be done moving forward.

But always be clear and honest with clients about the fluctuation in keyword rankings to make sure there aren’t any unrealistic expectations. 

It’s important to remember that each client is different, and it’s your responsibility to communicate effectively by sending out straightforward and easy to read SEO reports.