Benefits Of Blogger Outreach

Genuine bloggers with authoritative sites only.

Higher Relevancy

When the content surrounding your link is more relevant, it increases the value of that link

Better Rankings

Google’s algorithm will reward you for feeding in the data that it wants

Happy Clients

Your clients rankings will increase and compensate you for your work


How To Get Powerful Links From Real Authority Websites Without Months Of Frustrating Outreach

This guide discussed the most common link building issues and ways to combat them.

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What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is where you build up partnerships with website owners who may be likely to link to your client’s site so you achieve higher rankings.

Typically, you need to give the website owners something in order to work with you. This is usually quality written content, money (or both).

Why use blogger outreach links?

As Google’s algorithm has evolved over the years, it has learned to weed out spam. Instead of paying attention to low-quality links, Google now only gives weight to relevant links from authority website; basically, the goalposts have moved. That’s why blogger outreach is so necessary.

By writing content with your keywords in mind and distributing that content on authority sites, it gets you and your clients results.

How our blogger outreach service works

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The Outreach Stage

You give us your URL and anchor text and we do the leg work, finding relevant sites that actually want to place your link on their site to provide value to visitors.


The Writing Stage

Once we have agreed a topic with the blog owner, our team of content writers get to work crafting the perfect article to blow their socks off.


The Results Stage

Track your progress and see all your links from your own personalised Spicy Pepper dashboard.

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Examples of blogs we reach out to

Below are some examples of the blogs we contact on your behalf for link placements.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered a few common questions below

Blogger outreach is the process of working with blogs and website owners to get you an article and link placement on their site. This in turn boosts your online authority, which is what search engines like Google use to determine your rank status.

No, not everyone wants to appear on a blog-specific website, which is why we are proud to offer several industry-specific websites for those who want a more professional placement.

Yes, you can choose which band of Domain Rating you wish to appear in when you purchase our blogger outreach service.

Since all of our placements are negotiated on your behalf, we are unable to let clients choose their own sites for their link.

Our own in-house team of content writers will sculpt the perfect article for the designated blog. Most of our articles are written in a ghost writer style, meaning that it will match the chosen blogs’ writing style and narrative.

The content is designed to be informative and engaging to the website’s audience, so it will not be strictly promotional. This means you get a natural looking link that resonates with readers and gain authority with search engines.

All of our blogger outreach links are always placed naturally within the flow of text in the article. This is great for readers and search engines alike.

Since we only work with dedicated website owners, almost all of our links will last a lifetime. However there are rare occasions where the blog owner may decide to shut down the blog or change their blog direction.

Yes, you can submit large orders and specify the domains at the checkout, giving you complete control if you are an SEO agency or large business.

Generally we work with UK and US website owners, but we have been expanding our horizons are looking at catering to other parts of the world.

Sometimes, however we ask that you get in touch first and we will review your request.

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