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Building Casino Backlinks: How to Get it Right

According to projections, the internet gambling industry is expected to be valued at roughly $105 billion by 2025. This includes online casinos, sports betting firms, and poker – all of these goods are available from most big operators.

Many big gambling and casino companies are already registered on global stock markets, indicating that the industry is massive.

Many of the world’s most well-known casino businesses invest millions of dollars each year in link building since it’s a highly competitive market.

There’s also a big affiliate market, with essential review sites getting paid ridiculous amounts for recommending clients to casinos.

How do Casinos Go About Link Building?

The majority of significant companies rely on a combination of sheer volume and relevancy.

Of course, if you want to rank in this space, you’ll need a big budget. All of the leading players are willing to pay top dollar for their backlinks.

At SpicyPepper, we’ve built links for large casino companies, and any blogger who finds what they’re linking to will demand a premium. As a result, it’s critical to set aside funds to support many high-quality backlinks over the long term.

5 Important Trends in Casino Backlinks

PR Campaigns

Some gambling companies will use public relations methods to gain connections from newspapers and the press. Still, they recognize that this will not necessarily help them with complicated terms that require specific links and anchors.

Cash is King

All casino companies are paying for links, and they have large budgets for doing so. They use 3rd party email accounts to avoid leaving direct traces.

Aggressive Anchors

More prominent companies will adopt aggressive anchor text strategies, especially if they have a well-established brand.

Variety of Niches

Casino and gambling enterprises target a surprising number of niches; simply put, there aren't enough high-quality informational sites on the matter.

Homepage Links

Some large companies will pay for homepage link rentals, but affiliates utilize this method aggressively In different markets worldwide.

Best Websites for Backlinks

You can develop backlinks from various sites and categories as long as there is a natural link back to the casino or gaming site.
If you look at the backlink profiles of prominent online casinos using software like Ahrefs or SEMrush, you’ll notice content (and backlinks) related to the category listed below.

Gambling and Casino

Strategy sites and casino blogs

Consider all of the different games, such as roulette and blackjack, and look for blogs by searching for strategy terms.

Poker websites

There's a lot of excellent poker news and strategy blogs available online.

Sports betting influencers and bloggers

If you own a sports betting website, you might want to partner with them to install a widget on their site.

Quality Guidelines for Casino Backlinks

When paying for connections directly, as casino operators do, it’s essential to stay safe. Make sure you’re buying links on sites that aren’t crowded and don’t have apparent link footprints. You should also make sure that those sites are of high quality, generating organic traffic. The majority of the content is written for the benefit of their users rather than for SEO purposes.

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